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스타 형성

Room-temperature Superconductor

I firmly believe that answers for many conundrums like "what is time?" can easily be acquired after finding the cause of room-temperature superconductivity.

I will probe new material which has superconductivity under room-temperature. I guess that there is a strong correlation between "superconductivity" and "magnetism."


If room-temperature superconductor is found, our industry will totally be revolutionized. Furthermore, we could solve many mysteries related to physics.

눈부신 빛

General Scientific Law

I believe that there is a general scientific law in our universe. We may can describe our world only with a few of equations for interactions. I hope to find the equations, and my recent researches are targeted to solve the topic.

Our world would be just a simple world.

기계 인간

Artificial Scientist: Roots

Researchers are applying machine learning into their studies and finding sensational results. We have used computer to solve complex problems, which require long calculation time. In addition, adopting machine learning into computational science gives new opportunity to solve more complex problems than what we solved before. I am going to invent artificial scientist which can learn scientific knowledge itself by reading numerous papers. It may write papers itself.

His name is Roots.


컴퓨터에 입력

Personalized Quantum Computer

It is time to make phase transition in personal computer. Processing speed of a computer develops as time passes. However, the development speed is not fast. I hope all personnel to possess personalized quantum computer in the future. In the new era, it will be not needed to use graphic card as a computational component. People can also live in virtual world. Scientists can conduct real atomic scale simulation. In the world without approximation, science and technology will be greatly advanced, and the period will be called as "Fifth Industrial Revolution."


가상 현실 파이터

Electronics Company

What is the next revolution in mobile phone industry? Bringing phones on a hand is bothersome. We should invent more convenient way to use it. Virtual Reality (VR) is one of promising candidates. The electronics company will organize such a thing. I think not only VR but also a watch strapped along one's wrist can be another candidate.


이미지 제공: Franck V.

Robotics Company



연구소에서 엔지니어

Rootsuper Laboratory

The laboratory will be established for people who freely want to conduct novel researches in the field of basic science. I hope the laboratory can contribute to elongate life-span of human and to discover the origin of our universe. Bellows are big topics what I hope to deal with in the lab.

  • Discovery of room-temperature superconductor

  • Invention of room-temperature quantum computer

  • Simulation for complex scientific systems

  • Uncovering the role of telomere to control life-span

  • Finding the ways to handle the time

  • Identifying the things existed before the big bang


X- 레이를 보면 의사

Rootsuper Brain Science

The laboratory will open a new door to connect human brain with computer. All data stored in a human brain will be uploaded to a hardware. If we can reproduce one's human body, the replica would be born after transportation of the information in the human brain. The technology would relieve someone who wanted to live forever.


외계 행성의 우주선

Rootsuper Space

Searching new species in other planets will be meaningful despite they can act as opponents. I believe Elon Musk will provide ways to human to settle in Mars within 10 years. What is the next step? It is exploring planets founded by the Kepler project.


We also can gather resources in the other planets.


사람들이 박수

Rootsuper Foundation

Bellows are future works of the foundation.

  • Scholarship for enthusiastic students

  • Research fund for creative researchers

  • Weekly academic meeting for researchers 

비즈니스 미팅

Rootsuper Investment Company

The investment company will be established. Investment will not be executed only in South Korea. World is our stage. Bellows are our future field of investment.

  • Long-term stock investment

  • Short-term stock investment

  • Real properties

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